Direct Access

No Prescription Required. Thanks to Direct Access, you no longer need a prescription from your physician to see a physical therapist. This new law, allows you to see a DA certified physical therapist immediately, so that you can get the out-patient physical therapy care you need now. Most health insurances cover physical therapy obtained by using Direct Access.

Success Stories

Physical Therapy Success Stories“My experience with Physical Therapy & Beyond was most pleasurable. Everyone on the staff was upbeat and encouraging.” Former Patient Amy
Physical Therapy Success Stories“"Physical Therapy is a must. You can not get the same results on your own!".” Former Patient Olga P.
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I'm feeling better, well enough to join the gym to keep up my exercises. You are the only physical therapist who has ever helped me!.” Former Patient Donna B
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I felt back and leg pain when I started treatment. Jen B was my therapist and now I feel great... better than great! My word of advice to others is to "take it, get it, use it, and come!!!".” Former Patient Henry F
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I felt back pain & weakness due to a compression fracture in my back.. Cindi was my therapist and now I feel much stronger! The facility & staff are wonderful!".” Former Patient Mary
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I that I lost the ability to sit in a chair. Jen B was my therapist and now I feel strong & back in control. PT has brought me back to doing normal activities!".” Former Patient Peggy
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I felt pain in my elbow & was unable to carry groceries. Lisa was my therapist and now I can open doors & carry groceries.PT&Beyond is staffed by extremely competent people.".” Former Patient Marianne
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I felt nervous and I didn't know what to expect.Jen B & Lisa made me beel so at ease and now I can go on with my life! I recommend PT&Beyond because they really helped me!".” Former Patient Angeline
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I had pain in my shoulder and neck. After treatment I feel incredibly better and very knowledgeable thanks to Cindi!".” Former Patient Merideth
Physical Therapy Success Stories“I had a lot of pain in my hip area and c-section scar. After treatment from Jen B I feel wonderful! My pain is gone and I learned how to help my body. Thank you Jen you are great!.".” Former Patient Tina
Physical Therapy Success Stories“Before PT I could not move my right arm at all. Andrew got me back to doing all of the activies I used to do. This is the 2nd time PT&Beyond has succcesfully helped me.".” Former Patient Neil